Synthetic Oil

  1. Light Liquid Paraffin

    This Light Liquid Paraffin is a highly purified mixture of liquid saturated hydrocarbons that are obtained from petroleum. Highly paraffinic in nature, this liquid paraffin is transparent in appearance. Completely free from fluorescence in daylight, this paraffin is highly refined hydro- treated oil. Best known for its excellent thermal and chemical stability, this liquid paraffin has high flash point. It is widely used in the manufacturing of knitting oil, anti- static coning oil & various other textile auxiliaries.
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  2. Heavy Liquid Paraffin

    This Heavy Liquid Paraffin is highly suitable for cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industry. This paraffin is widely used as inert oil for the fabrication of metallic hydrides and catalysts. In addition, it is also used as excellent absorbent oil in the extraction of the natural essence of perfumeries. In cosmetic industry, this liquid paraffin is used in the preparation of various cold creams and beauty lotions. In addition, it is also high in demand in pharmaceutical industry as base for a variety of ointment and emollients.
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  3. Embroidery Machine Oil

    This Embroidery Machine Oil is an advanced lubricant with non- staining property. Highly suitable for a wide range of embroidery machines, this oil can be easily used on blades, needles, scissors and cutters. In addition, it also offers excellent rust and corrosion protection. Offers better oxidation stability, this oil reduces vibration in the machine. It is specially developed for high speed embroidery machines.
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  4. Chain Lubricant

    This Chain Lubricant is widely used for simultaneous internal and external lubrication. This lubricant is applicable on roller chains such as in motorcycles ad for lifts. It is highly suitable for lubrication of chains operating in salt water, dusty and dirty atmosphere. In addition, this lubricant can be also used on bearings, small gear drives, locking mechanism and hinges. Colorless in appearance, this lubricant reduces friction and loss of power in motorbikes.
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  5. White Oil

    This White Oil is wisely made using low pour point severely hydro treated base oils. This oil is primarily used as a blending base for various pharmaceutical and cosmetic products including lotions, creams, petroleum jelly, hair oils, ointments and laxatives. In addition, this oil is also used in food packaging industry, polystyrene manufacturing, food preservatives and veterinary preparations & protective coatings for fruits and vegetables.
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