Silicone Oil

  1. Methyl Phenyl Silicone Oil

    This Methyl Phenyl Silicone Oil is clear, colorless and odorless in nature. It has increased level of thermal stability and resistance against oxidation as it has high percentage of phenyl groups in place of methyl groups found in conventional PDMS Silicone oils. This silicone oil has high dielectric strength, flash point and stability at extreme pressures. In addition, it also has good heat capacity values with excellent lubricity and inertness to virtually all substrates.
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  2. Tread Mill Machine Oil

    Using wrong types of oils on the treadmills can cause serious and permanent damage to the motor, belt and other moving parts. Ideal for both manual and motorized treadmills, this oil has silicone in its composition which extends the service life and enhances overall performance. This oil offers strain free running of motor, belt and rollers resulting in negligible down time in the treadmills. This oil has a non- sticky formula with excellent consistency and purity which prevents frequent wear & tear of the belt.
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  3. Transparent Silicone Oil

    Multi- purpose lubricant, this Transparent Silicone Oil is great for use on varied types of treadmills. Formulated with optimum viscosity, this oil effectively prevents dust and dirt collection on the equipment. This Transparent Silicone Oil has a unique non- sticky formula with excellent consistency and purity. This further prevents frequent wear and tear of the belt of the machines.
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  4. Diffusion Pump Oil

    This Diffuser Pump Oil is specially formulated for ensuring ultimate vacuum performance. In addition, it also ensures heat stability, low vapor pressure, and oxidation & radiation resistance. Considered as a general purpose fluid, it is specially developed for fast pumping of large volumes of gas. It is highly preferred in the industry for its high- end performance even in tough and rugged applications. This oil offers quick pumpdown, even after exposure to air.
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  5. Transformer Oil

    This Transformer Oil is stable at high temperatures. Best known for its excellent electrical insulating properties, it is widely used in oil- filled transformers. Wide applications of this oil also include various types of fluorescent lamp ballasts, high- voltage capacitors and high- voltage switches and circuit breakers. Also known as mineral insulating oil, it acts as a liquid insulation in transformers. In addition, it also dissipates heat of the transformer.
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  6. Silicone Oil Emulsifier

    Silicone Oil Emulsifier is widely used as an excellent mold release agent in foundries. This product is highly effective in emulsifying amino as well as silicon oils to get stable micro emulsion. Composed of alcohol ethoxylate, this silicone oil based aqueous emulsion contains non- ionic surfactants. In addition, it also acts as an excellent barrier and forms a thin film between the compound and the mold surface.
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